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Global ship supply and bond solutions for vessels in Houston, New Orleans & USA. Contact us for comprehensive ship chandelling services.

Global Ship Services had been actively operating the business of ship chandelling and bond solutions for vessels in USA since year 1993 and had been merged last 2010 with one of the biggest suppliers in US Gulf area which is Alliance Supply Management.

Market demands arise continuously around United States major ports that led Alliance Supply Management to join existing large-scale group of suppliers and eventually, on 2016 Alliance Supply Management was bought by Ship Supply of Florida and thereafter operates officially under one entity with registered business name, Ship Supply International who decided to discontinue their operations this year 2019.

Over the years of vast changing market and increase in competition, the challenge begins with its workforce to form a new independent company that will continue to provide excellent service to existing clients, thus, Global Ship Services take over the business and revive what it started way back 1993.


Global Ship Services bought most of the assets of Ship Supply International from Houston and New Orleans branches and retain some of its dedicated employees that will focus on customer service and end-to-end process.    

Global Ship Services had all the approval to conduct and operates the ship chandelling business. Currently all necessary required certifications such as ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 & etc. have been filed to the legal authorities and now under process which would take some time to be released.

And now that Global Ship Services have joint the business, we kindly request your support of continuous business with us. We will honor your terms and conditions that you have had with Ship Supply International/ Alliance Supply Management.

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At Global Ship services, there are several values which we hold in high regard, and we expect these values in every member of our team. These values are charity, honesty, fortitude, reliability, integrity, temperance, faith, and hope. We believe that these values set us a step above the rest and allow our team members to provide high quality ship supply services in a very professional and efficient manner.


At Global Ship Services we take pride that our company was formed with one premise in mind, and that is to bring a degree of experience, dedication, and professionalism to the shipping industry that has long been missing. We aspire to be ahead of the competition when quality and performance are evaluated. Global Ship Services will work continuously on improvement and to give our clients the satisfaction on our level of customer service performance.

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